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Gesar Tour: Let Tibetans Show You Tibet

Create Your Own Tibetan Tour

Can't decide between horse trekking and white water rafting? The answer is simple. Design the tour you want to take. Complete our simple and straightforward questionnaire and Gesartour will work with you to develop an itinerary to suit your individual needs.

Create Your Own Tour

Ready Made Tibetan Tours

Choose from Gesartour's most popular itineraries. The itineraries are designed according to theme, and are all-inclusive. These itineraries are entirely customizable and can be tailored to suit your time and financial budgets. Contact Gesartour now to book your personal vacation experience.

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Special Event Tours

In special events we provide various tours in different fields to create chances for those who have strong interest in Tibetan culture, society, religion and so on to help them to learn better, to go deeper and to experience more.

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